Short Takes

MEANWHILE, back at the farm, Donald certainly trumped all his opponents to win the game and take out the pot, but he only played the hand he was dealt. When all the cards are on the table, he could be the ace in the hole to make the good ol’ US of A trumps again.

Ron Elphick, Buff PointFOR many years Derryn Hinch bragged that he didn’t vote, because it was his “democratic right” not to. Then with a criminal record, he runs for the Senate, and gets elected. Please explain.

Mick Miller, Salamander BaySHED no tears for Fidel Castro,a murdering tyrant the likes of Ho Chi Minh and Che Guevara. The left, theABC luvvies, the Greens, “clever people” elitists in academia, showbiz, etc – along with all the “chaff head celeb set” members – will all be wailing and breast beating over the death of a tyrant.

Howard Hutchins, Chirnside ParkTHE latest proposed route for V8 Supercars race travels through a heritage conservation area deemed only suitable for ‘passive entertainment’. Has the council considered a heritage impact statement for this event? It appears it is a case of the council having one rule for residents and another for private companies.

Pauline Kilby, Newcastle EastFOR years we have heard of the plans GPT had for transforming the Hunter Street mall and how it all hinged on the removal of the rail line. Now twoyears after the line’s demise they are walking away from these plans. Could it be they now realise that they have driven visitors out of the CBD by removing this valuable infrastructure?

Lance Makings, CardiffWITH the death of Fidel Castro, the CIA will no doubt be instigating covert operations in Cuba, whilst the US administration will push trade embargoes in exchange for concessions. Watch this space.

Dennis Petrovic, RutherfordTOO many companies are reliant on 457 visas – even in Newcastle. Have been employed at one stage by one in hospitality industry andhave long been conflicted. Tony Abbott eased conditions – why has it taken Bill Shorten so long to wake up?

Sue Perkins, Adamstown HeightsTHE POLLSHave you given up on the Jets?

Yes 57%, No 43%Do you think their is a connection between mining and seismic activity?

Yes 69%, No 31%Do you support plans to build a helipad at Trinity Point?

Yes 44%, No 35%, Don’t care 18%, Unsure 3%MESSAGEBOARDA REUNION of former employees of the BHP Engineering Technology Drawing Offices will be held at Wests Cardiff on Friday, December 2 from 11am,with lunch at the bistro at noon. For further information, please call Noel James on4957 4714.

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