Noisy Stolthaven works at Mayfield expected to finish next month

The noisiest period of construction at Stolthaven’s Mayfield terminal is expected to wind up next month.FUEL logistics company Stolthaven has guaranteed fed-upresidents who live near its Mayfield site that noisy pile-driving work is nearing completion.

The company announced on Monday that the noisiest period of construction at the Mayfield No 7 terminal was expected to draw to a close next month, possibly as early as December 21, in time for the Christmas break.

Stolthaven, which operatesfuel storage tanks at the western border of the former BHP steelworks site, has been upgrading its facilities since April.

Upon completion, ships will be able to pump directly into the terminal, instead of pumping fuel from a kilometre downstream.

But to do that, the company has had to drive large steel poles directly into the Hunter River usinghydraulic hammers, generating “banging” noises across Mayfield, Carrington and Stockton.

Crebert Street’s Jacqui Standen said residents had found it“impossible” to live peacefully with the noise, and felt powerless to do anything about it.

“Unless you live here, you cannot imagine what it is like,”she said.

Mrs Standen wrote to the company several times to complain about a lack of scheduled drilling times.

“It is just a constant‘bang, bang, bang’, and it just goes on and on and on,”Mrs Standen said.“Maybe if there was some structure, if they didn’t start before a certain time, it would be better.

“We live two doors down from Industrial Drive, but never before have we ever heard anything like this.We have lost our quality of life.”

Correct Planning and Consultation for Mayfield Group convener John L Hayes said the suburb had become exceptionally noisy with both theStolthaven andTourle Street Bridge works running at the same time.

“It’s a combination of the two that has just builtup,” he said. “It’s been going on for a very long time. Residents shouldn’t have to be put to the sword with this sort of noise.”

A Stolthaven spokesman said the company had fully complied with state regulations on the project.

“Stolthaven is fully committed to minimising disturbances affecting local residents, and is fully complying with regulated stipulations including work hours and noise levels,” he said.

“Stolthaven apologises for any inconvenience that development activities cause during this period.”

The works are part of the Port of Newcastle’sMayfield Concept Plan.

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